Why Reading Books in German Will boost your German lang skills

reading books in german

Reading Books in German is an excellent way to improve your speech understanding. Especially if you also pay attention to read aloud and not only for yourself. Because the pronunciation and the fluent speech can be improved. You will also learn new vocabulary and learn some new grammar rules here and there. Importantly, reading Books in German is really fun and it’s easier to learn a new language through good reading material. Of course, but also a certain amount of time associated with it. After all, a book in a foreign language can not be read as easily as a book in German that you can fly over here and there. Does reading Books in German have an effect on your emotions? Read on and find out:

One of the main reasons we read is because we want to empathize with the emotions the character is going through in our story. It does not matter if the writer tries to tell a passionate love story, wants to get closer to a drama, or invents an adventurous fantasy story. As long as we can identify with the character in the story, we are completely devoted to the book. There are also studies that prove that the emotional connection with a book also depends on the language in which it is read.

Reading Books in German

Reading Books in German may raise more emotions than reading the same text on a second or third foreign language. An experiment was carried out with 26 Dutch test persons who learned English at a later date. Muscle movement has been measured by electromyography to pay particular attention to the facial muscle movement that the participants have made while reading. The scientists found out that there was more smiles than the participants read the book in their native language. In English, some situations were rather emotionless.

Does that mean you should just give up reading Books in German? Will it always be boring and emotionless? There are some important tips on how to read “correctly”. However, you have to be prepared to spend a little more time. One of the best ways to approach reading properly is the “double reading method”. With this method, you read through the capital completely, without thinking whether you have understood the text now or not. Then you try to summarize the text. Try to fix your brain on the most important points that caused the most emotions in the chapter. Then you read the chapter again and realize that it has become easier to understand the full text. This time, you can also focus more on the details and be more emotionally connected to the characters in the story.

The easiest way to deepen your knowledge of German is to use it practically, for example by speaking to others or by reading German texts. Especially Reading German children’s books.

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