The Best German Children’s Books for 0 to 7 Years & Beginners

The Best German Children’s Books for 0 to 7 Years & Beginners

Which (personalized) German Children’s Books are recommended? Which German Children’s Books are suitable for which age? which German Children’s Books are the most popular? And which German Children’s Books are the suitable for Beginners in German learning?

Here we have an overview of the most popular German Children’s Books – including a selection of German Children’s Books classics and insider tips – for children between the ages of 0 and 7 years and the Beginners in German learning.

How a children’s book for first-time readers is structured correctly in reading didactics? Which text-to-picture ratio is optimal for children and how children’s books are different for each age group? That and more about “reading” and “learning to read” in our Beginners in German learning checklist.

Checklist for German Children’s Books

Stories should be simple and comprehensible – both in reading books and in reading books for children from the age of six. It is true that the younger a child is, the fewer strands of action should run parallel in a children’s book.
In children’s books, especially in reading books for younger children, not only does the content have priority – ideally, multiple senses are addressed simultaneously so that a story as a whole can be well recorded. Example: Children’s books in which a story becomes comprehensible with words, illustrations and tangible elements.
Rule of thumb for pictures in a German Children’s Books : The younger a child, the fewer colors are needed and the clearer the lines should be – with increasing age, even more complex and colorful illustrations can be well captured and processed.
Simple words and phrases should only have a complementary function during the first months of life and years.
For first-time readers from about 6 years is: Ideal are short texts (little to no nested sentences) with large font, left justified and well sorted for the eye. Although three- or four-syllable words with complex sound combinations (“au”, “ei” or “sch”) can be spelled out, they should not be too abundant so that the content of what is read can be recorded.
Reading didactically important: The plot should pick up speed from the first page – the concentration and reading power allows lengthy introductions quickly – and thus continue to read the motivation.
The best German Children’s Books from 0 to 7 years at a glance
Whether picture books with clear lines and few colors for very small children; colorful Wimmel books with a little more details and a little later child-oriented reading books in which several senses are addressed; to first reading books for children from about 6 years: Here you can find clearly arranged a selection of suitable German Children’s Books for the age of 0 to 7 years and for Beginners in German learning.

Pre-reading and picture Books up to 1 year

Picture books or first, simple reading books for children up to 1 year: Here it is less about a coherent story – rather the visual aspect, so simple and clear illustrations in the foreground. Even picture books that can be “felt” are a popular and meaningful variety in this age group.

Ahoi, kleiner Pinguin! (Ahoy, little penguin!)

The little penguin stalks the little bird from the South Pole to make new friends. This is how an adventurous journey begins with his little steamer.

In addition to the age-appropriate narrated adventures, the book captivates with straightforward and simply drawn figures as well as a chimney, from which water splashes: A bathtub book for the little ones that is really fun!

Die Eule mit der Beule (Popular Fiction) (The owl with the bump)

A wonderful book for children who want to be comforted.The poor little owl has a bump – and all her friends, be it the fox, the mouse or the snake, try to console her: with blows, caresses or a plaster. The best thing in the end is still a kiss from Mama Eule.

A book with simple rhymes and beautiful pictures, where all children will feel and just love it!

Babys erste Bilder: Tiere: ab 1 Monat (Babys first pictures: Animals: from 1 month)

In the first months of life, babies can best recognize high-contrast images. And animals are a favorite with young children anyway. The picture book “Animals” from the picture book series “Babys first pictures” is just made for it.

Fühl mal!: Ab 3 Monaten (ministeps Bücher) Feel it !: From 3 months (ministeps books)

Babies and small children want to get to know the world – and also books – with all their senses. Reading stories is one possibility.

It is even more exciting with this Leporello for watching, playing and also feeling. It playfully enhances the ability to recognize and distinguish colors and shapes and invites you to feel the images as well and to perceive them with different senses.

Mein erstes Knisterbuch: Ab 3 Monaten (ministeps Bücher) My first crackling book: from 3 months (ministeps books)

Similarly, this very appealing “crackling book”, which is a true experience for all babies. Each page crackles, wants to be heard and “understood”, which in addition promotes motoring. Even a crackbook is therefore part of every children’s library.

German Children’s Books from 1 year

Children from the age of 1 are not only fond of reading (short) stories, but the books are still intensively “understood” in the truest sense of the word – a stable design without pointed corners and edges is therefore an important selection criterion. The stories themselves should have a simple and clear storyline, so that the short attention span at this age is not over before the story comes to an end …

All German children’s books from 1 year and a detailed overview of other very popular books for one-year-old children (including audiobooks) can be found here.

Meine allerersten Gute-Nacht-Geschichten (My very first bedtime stories)

Going to bed with children: The ideal opportunity to spend time together and to gently end the day. Ideally, this happens with a bedtime story or a short bedtime rhyme.

These seven short bedtime stories and four Good night rhymes are atmospherically illustrated and invite you to cuddle and dream …

Alle meine Fingerspiele (All my finger games)

Well-known and less known finger games – all explained great and with very successful pictures. “More!” And “Again!” – such reactions will be the rule in this finger play book, because here is gossiping, crawling and laughing a lot.

The finger games are also supplemented with short instruction texts for all parents who do not yet have that much experience with finger games.

Our opinion: Finger games are part of every beautiful childhood!

Rat mal, wer das ist! (Guess who that is!)

Who owns the Ringeltschwanz? Who says there with his feathers, and whose puffle leaps over the grass?

Rhymes have a magical effect on children – this book is full of them and invites you to join in and participate, not least through the peepholes on each side, through which a tail is peering through and raise the question to which animal it may belong?

Wie kleine Tiere schlafen gehen (How little animals go to sleep)

Another bedtime book we can warmly recommend!

Eight good-night scenes with really appealing pictures and rhymes, in which animals are not neglected. How does the lion say good night? And what is the mouse kid happy about the most before falling asleep?

So much be betrayed: The animal children cuddle before falling asleep, as well as after this bedtime book and your children will do.

Auto Wimmelbuch: Das große Bilderbuch ab 1 Jahr mit Bagger, Müllauto, Feuerwehr, Polizei, Blaulicht und… (Auto Wimmelbuch: The big picture book from 1 year with excavator, garbage truck, fire department, police, blue light and…)

For small children, of course, a Wimmelbuch may not be missing.

This car-hidden book is perfectly matched in terms of density of details for children from the first birthday. Everywhere is full of cars, motorcycles, trucks and many other vehicles. A Wimmelbuch in Large format with many ongoing stories that can be traced across the pages.

Kuckuck! Wer ist da? (Cuckoo! Who’s there?)

On each side another animal hid. An original search book with exciting slides!

German Children’s Books from 2 years

Children over 2 years old now also want to be more actively involved in reading aloud – passive “read aloud” gets tired and quickly bores children. As created for it are e.g. Hidden objects where the children can actively search for (drawn) storylines themselves. In addition, books for children are always particularly interesting when they deal with the current life circumstances – for example, “Go to the potty”. Also painting and craft books are a welcome change.

Frühlings-Wimmelbuch (Spring Wimmelbuch)

Even for children from two years (and beyond) is a Wimmelbuch an absolute classic, which does not lose popularity.

It does not matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter magic book – the author Rotraut Susanne Berner is known for perfecting her Wimmel books to perfection for children.

And even as an adult you will be astonished how many small details and stories can be discovered in these popular souvenir books gradually – even after repeated leafing through you will always come across new surprises …

Kritzel-Malbuch ab 2 Jahre Doodle coloring book from 2 years

Vicky Bo’s painting fun is literally limitless. When children become interested in painting, they usually draw circular and spiral shapes. The so-called scrawl stage is the first stage of development of childish drawing. The children are not so good at painting figures with borders and therefore doodle them. In this coloring book, small artists can draw without limits and even present concrete pictures: conjure spaghetti on a fork, scribble cotton candy on a stick, hair on a head and much more. Visibly proud, they present their works.

Mein erster Bastelblock (Küken): Ausschneiden, Aufkleben, Ausmalen (My first Bastelblock (chick): Cut, sticking, coloring)

Crafting templates in the book:

1. Preprinted full-page base sheet, front for gluing and painting

2. Single parts for sticking on two different base sheets, assignment after each same edge color.

3. The children cut out the items with blunt crafting scissors and glue them to the corresponding base sheet.

4. Now the kids can finish painting the picture.

Schlaf gut, Träum schön! (Meine allerersten Minutengeschichten) Sleep well and sweet dreams! (My very first minute stories)

Sleep well and sweet dreams…… that is exactly what your children will do after reading these bedtime stories.

These eleven “minute stories” are perfect for reading aloud in the evening, as they only last a few minutes and thus the evening bedtime walk ritual remains within the frame.

The children learn u.a. from the kid who does not want to sleep, from Leo, who is watched over by his cuddly lion at night, by the little mouse and many more …

Schüttel den Apfelbaum – Ein Mitmachbuch. Zum Schütteln, Schaukeln, Pusten , Klopfen und Sehen, was dann passiert (Shake the apple tree – A guide book. To shake, rock, blow, knock and see what happens)

This picture book has it all. Because you can do much more with him than just reading it or looking at his funny colorful pictures. Here, children from the age of 2 can become active themselves: they are allowed to shake, rock, rub, knock on the book or turn it upside down, depending on what the little story demands. For example, shaking the apple tree, tickling tickle monster Kalle or knocking on the door of a mysterious castle to see what happens on the next page. A book full of surprises for lots of fun, games and excitement.

Albert macht Quatsch (Albert makes nonsense)

Albert is a bright, little kid who also knows a lot. But most of all, he leads his mom by the nose, exchanging words. With the “Transfiguration Pages” every child can participate in the funny jokes of Albert! A children’s book for children from about two years, which invites to “lateral thinking” and is loved by many children. The illustrations can also be described as extremely successful and appealing.

ABC, die Katze lief im Schnee (ABC, the cat was running in the snow)

Rotraut Susanne Berner is known primarily for her widespread Wimmel books. However, more than 10 years ago, with the book “ABC the cat was walking in the snow” she tickled a classic from the spring, which is a “must” in every children’s library.

Old rhymes can also sound new and completely different, the author proves with the help of the ABC cat: This remains stuck at C always in the snow, until it is finally further sealed in the direction of X, Y and Z – the cat goes to bed!

Nur noch kurz die Ohren kraulen? Just scratch your ears for a second?

A wonderful ritual before going to bed: clapping hands, knocking pillows, saying simsalabim, scratching ears, caressing back, covering well, and finally giving the sleep-good kiss. The rabbit child in the book can thus fall asleep peacefully each evening.

We dare say with certainty: Even with all other children falling asleep with this wonderful book is much easier!

Children’s books from 3 years

From about 3 years, the concentration skills develop more and more with children – and this should also be reflected in the selection of books. First books with slightly longer storylines will be interesting from this age – e.g. “Mr. Happy and his friends”. But: Variety is needed at this age – and actively join in, especially exciting. Books in which colors, numbers, or shapes can be explored are especially popular at this age.

Mister Glücklich und seine Freunde (Mr. Happy and his friends )(Mr. Men and Little Miss)

The timeless children’s book classics are the countless stories of “Mr. Men and Little Miss “- which in the German translation u.a. Mister Lustig (who always makes everyone laugh), Mister Muscle (who only eats eggs and is very strong) or Miss Sunshine. The themes of the stories are always determined by the characters of the main characters and guaranteed to make all children and adults laugh. This anthology is a must in any kids library!

Mitmach Buch (do with us)

Do as the book tells you, and you’ll be amazed! Colors, numbers, space-orientation – this is very easy for toddlers to learn. Magically illustrated by the well-known French artist Hervé Tullet.

Mein kunterbuntes Ausschneide-Buch: Schneiden, kleben, malen (My motley cut-out book: cutting, gluing, painting Cut, paste, paint )

these are the basic skills that children from the age of 3 years can practice with this book. Nico Sternbaum provides simple motifs that can only be cut out by the child, then glued onto the appropriately illustrated page and partly painted. This equally promotes fine motor skills and concentration.

Peppa Pig: Meine liebste Gutenachtgeschichte: Pappbilderbuch mit Klappen und Taschenlampe ( Peppa Pig: My dearest bedtime story: cardboard picture book with flaps and flashlight )

What is rustling in the foliage? Join Peppa and her brother Schorsch on an evening walk through the garden and marvel at how many animals are out in the evening. Light with the enclosed flashlight behind the flaps in the book and discover a lot of night animals! And when you and the Wutz family have found all the animals, it’s time to go to bed.

Includes LED flashlight with two non-replaceable CR1220 button cells.

Der Grüffelo: Vierfarbiges Pappbilderbuch (The Grüffelo: Four-color cardboard picture book)

Der Grüffelo ist da!

Even though it may look scary at first glance, the little mouse proves that cleverness and cunning can handle even the greatest dangers in the forest …

The story of the Grüffelo and the mouse is now a bestseller – although as a bedtime story it is probably only suitable for particularly fearless children.

Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt – Mein kleines Spielbuch (The little caterpillar Nimmersatt )

My little play book The little caterpillar Nimmersatt eats unchecked from side to side, eating apple, pear, plum, strawberry and orange – and is still closed by every child in the heart. Incidentally, Eric Carle’s classic picture book helps to get to know fruits and the numbers from one to five. Like hardly any other picture book, the story of the little caterpillar is perfect for a finger puppet book.

Ich bin für dich da! (I’m here for you. )

A funny book for sad days! The cheerful whistling porcupine tries to make the sad giraffe happy again – and does not let it go uninvited. This book captivates not only with a touching-beautifully narrated story, but also with great illustrations.

Die besten Pixi Gutenacht-Geschichten: 77 kleine Vorlesegeschichten (The best Pixi bedtime stories: 77 small reading stories)

Pixi books have stood for great entertainment in a small format for 60 years. For a comfortable reading and in the evening, but a slightly larger book is even more beautiful. In this anthology, the 77 best bedtime stories are united in a great “family book” – because not only the children will enjoy every single story …

Meins! Nein, meins! ( Mine! No, mine!)

Bear and Rabbit are the best friends you can imagine. One day you will find a wonderfully sparkling glitter thing. What could that be? “Look, hare! A picture of me and my fluffy ears! “, Calls Bär. – “No!” Cries Rabbit. “That’s a picture of me!” One pulls and the other pulls. And there is already a torn-off glittering thing and a big hare and bear fight … This lovingly told story shows children how nice it is to reconcile themselves.

Children’s books from 4 years

The older children become, the greater the variety of books that become interesting. Children over the age of 4 years can already follow several (simple) courses of action in parallel – and the splendor of color and the fidelity of the illustrations may be more pronounced from this age. Occasionally children from 4 years of age now also start to become interested in the letters and the typeface in books – the preliminary stage to read for themselves.

Die Kinder aus der Krachmacherstraße (The children from the noisemaker street)

Lotta and her siblings Jonas and Mia-Maria: Since the three siblings make the Krugmacherstraße unsafe, the father has renamed this without further ado to “Noise Maker’s Street”. Whether the nursery is transformed into a pirate nest, the three children picnic in the tree house or visit at Aunt Berg: It is guaranteed never quiet in the noisemaker street. Astrid Lindgren’s inimitable way of writing captivating stories of and for children also comes into its own with the “Children from the Noise Makers’ Street”.

A classic by Astrid Lindgren, on the one hand as a first reading book for children from about 6 years is suitable, due to the understandable language but as a reading book will bring even younger children much joy.

Entdecke den Körper: Meyers kleine Kinderbibliothek (Meyers Kinderbibliothek – Entdecke) Discover the Body: Meyer’s Small Children’s Library (Meyers Children’s Library – Discover)

What are the different body parts? How do you stay healthy, and what does the pediatrician do during the examination? An interactive book that playfully invites you to explore and get to know the body and the senses – with flaps and plug-in parts that reveal all the important answers to the questions about your own body and the emotions.

Herr Huth hat Schuld (Mr. Huth is to blame )

The bird Hugo is well educated and knows that he is not allowed to do his business on the heads of others. But that’s exactly what happens in one day – and Hugo wants to apologize to the man. But he does not want to know anything about the little bird and an apology – with which the entire bird world takes revenge … A really heartfelt booklet with very appealing pictures, which is sure to make even the adult readers smile.

Plötzlich war Lysander da (Suddenly Lysander was there)

Lysander, the Lurch, is supposed to move in with the mouse family – and the mice ask themselves: where do they take their place, where does the food come from? Lysander quickly turns out to be a pleasant contemporary, albeit with some weird habits – the skepticism of the mice remains. Will Lysander manage to convince the mice in the end? A great picture book by Antje Damm, which makes children and adults think.

Zauberwelt im Zirkuszelt (Magic world in the circus tent)

Clowns, acrobats, magicians and even horses: Grandma Inge and her granddaughter spend an exciting and exciting evening at the circus. But the biggest “number” on this evening is Grandma Inge herself – who creates enthusiasm with her performance. A colorful and literally “enchanting” picture book by Monika Spang.

Für Hund und Katz ist auch noch Platz: Vierfarbiges Bilderbuch (For dog and cat is also still room: four-color picture book)

The well-liked Hexenbilderbuch of the successful duo now as a mini-edition.

A journey on the witches broom is fun, especially if there is still room for dog and cat and frog and bird. But even for witches, life is full of dangers. Especially when the witch falls at the feet of a gluttonous dragon. So it’s good to have friends who bail you out.

Children’s books from 5 years

What is still slightly pronounced in 4-year-olds clearly increases in preschool age: the interest in letters, words and typeface. Also, the complexity of the plot and the vocabulary of children’s books for this age again significantly. For the first time, children will be able to enjoy books such as “Pettersson and Findus” or “Pippi Longstocking” – which will also bring childhood memories to many adults.

Tilda Apfelkern. Abenteuerliche Geschichten aus dem Heckenrosenweg: Sonderausgabe zur TV-Serie(Tilda apple kernel. Adventurous stories from the Heckenrosenweg: Special Edition for the TV series)

Tilda Apfelkern and her friends experience a new surprise almost every day – which is not least due to the apartment of the little mouse Tilda, which always reveals new, previously unknown rooms and secrets. But even the legendary meetings with all their friends on the picnic blanket with hot cocoa, delicious cakes and many other treats make you mouth water as you read. After all, Tilda is not only an extremely lovable mouse with a big heart, who takes care of all her friends, but also a gifted cook … Touching and exciting stories, garnished with detailed illustrations – this is “Tilda Apfelkern” by author Andreas Schmachtl.

Wie Findus zu Pettersson kam (How Findus came to Pettersson)

An absolute top seller among children’s books – and rightly so. Sven Nordqvist understands inimitable good stories to tell for children, which are rich in detail and yet easy to understand – the very successful and equally detailed illustrations do the rest to make the numerous “Pettersson and Findus” stories a “must-have” for to make any children’s book library. The old Pettersson has no family and lives alone on an old farm – his only faithful companions are his chickens and: the (talking) cat Findus. With him he experiences countless adventures, although Findus is not always easy. But his quirks make him for all children – and also the old Pettersson – so adorable and funny. Exemplary for the many other books by Pettersson and Findus: “How Findus came to Pettersson” – in this story we learn how it all began Findus, the talking tomcat, and Pettersson, the old man who until then lived quite lonely and peaceful with his chickens …

Die Kinder aus Bullerbü (The children from Bullerbü)

The next timeless classic from the pen of Astrid Lindgren, who has inspired every child yet. For nowhere else is the world as well as in Bullerbü, a small village with only three farms and seven children: Lisa, Bosse, Lasse, Inga, Britta, Ole and little Kerstin go there on a treasure hunt, catch crabs, build huts or go fishing. Bullerbü is “the symbol of carefree childhood memories” (“The WORLD”) .

Ich und meine Schwester Klara: Die schönsten Geschichten zum Vorlesen (Große Vorlesebücher) (Me and my sister Klara: The most beautiful stories to read aloud (large lecture books)

Klara and her little brother have the craziest ideas that drive their parents crazy again and again: They “test” a cake, whether this is really enjoyable for the guests, until there is nothing left, give away the best clothes for charity Use or brush your teeth conscientiously for a month in advance. Hilarious and with an innocent undertone, Klara’s brother tells of all those funny pranks that just “happen” to the two of them and that never happen with malicious intent! A true reading pleasure for children and adults over 5 years.

Pippi Langstrumpf: Gesamtausgabe (Pippi Longstocking: Complete Edition)

Pippilotta Viktualia Rollgardina Peppermint Efraimstochter Longstocking, short: Pippi Longstocking. She lives with her horse and the monkey, Mr. Nilsson, in Villa Kunterbunt and does what she likes – together with the neighbors Thomas and Annika. For Thomas and Annika every day with Pippi is full of adventures and exciting experiences – and it is superfluous to tell even more about the strongest girl in the world at this point – because who does not already know Pippi from his own childhood? Another classic that you should not deprive a child.

Children’s books from 6 years

For the first time, children enter the world of first reading books (including audiobooks) when they enter the school. Important for the first reading attempts of children from the age of about 6 years: The texts should be formulated in the beginning simply and not too long, since a large part of the concentration in this reading age on the deciphering of the individual letters and words must be used. Reading didactically, it is advantageous if first reading books start immediately with the plot and the main character and do not get bogged down in page-long introductions. Appealing illustrations and popular topics additionally motivate readers to read! Important: Every child develops his / her reading skills at different speeds – if a child likes to access a book, it is rather counterproductive to want to “speed up” this process from the outside by pressure. The books listed here are on the one hand selected for 6-year-old children for self-reading – partly but also intended as a supplement to continue reading to the children.

Ein Freund wie kein anderer (A friend like no one else)

The young chipmunk is afraid of the injured wolf. Nevertheless, it takes its courage and feeds him daily, takes care of and can save the wolf with it. The resulting friendship is not accepted by the Erdhörnchen family … A wonderful book about friendship that should not exist. Reading didactic (length of the chapters, font size, structure of history, etc.), the book is exemplary and perfectly matched to the reading age. Conclusion: A wonderful book for children from 6 years to self-reading – but also to read aloud.

Die Olchis und der Schmuddel-Hund (The Olchis and the dirty dog )

Slime, mud and dog dung! The Olchis are as usual in this first reading book for a lot of fun. And that, although the Olchikindern today “furzlangweilig” is! Great fun for Olkhans and beginners. The Olchikinder find their pets today fart boring. Fire chair is asleep, the rats are dozing and the flies fall dead to the ground. Because it comes in very convenient that a krötiger dog shows up, which digs in the dirt and also makes feats. Very large fibula, simple words, short sentences and a high proportion of images: This book has motivated every reader to read! There are still 16 pages of reading puzzles and reading games in the appendix. Conclusion: This Olhook book is the perfect introduction to learning to read for children from 6 years.

Conni-Erzählbände 19: Conni und der Ferienzirkus (farbig illustriert) (Conni and the Holiday Circus (illustrated in color) (Conni Story Books, Volume 19)

Conni and her family are looking forward to the planned short break by the sea – but everything goes awry. And so family Klawitter suddenly finds himself camping in their own garden … Conclusion: Of course, a Connibuch in the bookshelf, even for newcomers read by no means be missing. This issue is perfect for children over 6 years.

Drachenmeister Band 1 – Kinderbücher ab 6-8 Jahre (Erstleser Mädchen Jungen) (Drachenmeister volume 1 – children’s books from 6-8 years (first-time girl boys)

Drake would never have thought that dragons really existed – but soon he learns they actually exist and he’s even a dragonmaster. For the magical Dragonstone Drake and three other children selected to train dragons! Will that succeed? Short chapters with simply formulated texts, plus great illustrations on each page: Together with the popular theme “dragons”, the book contains everything to motivate beginners to read. Conclusion: Didactic and thematically a perfect book for children from about 6 years .

Rufus und sein Schnabeltier (Rufus and his platypus)

Rufus and the somewhat old-fashioned platypus Sydney have one thing in common: They absolutely want to go to Australia! The first attempt to get there ends up in the operating hall of the urban bus company … so they try their way over the water. Will they ever arrive in Australia? Many pages in large format, which are filled with many illustrations and witty, detailed content – a perfect book for children from 6 years to self-reading. Conclusion: An even less well-known, but very funny and child-friendly implemented children’s book for first-time readers .

LESEMAUS zum Lesenlernen Sammelbände: Conni-Geschichten zum Lesenlernen: Bild-Wörter-Geschichten – mit Bildern lesen lernen (Conni-stories to learn to read: Picture-words-stories – to learn to read with pictures)

Learning to read in small steps! Three Conni stories for beginners tell of the search for tomcat Mau, of an animal school day and of a fantastic trip to the castle. Exciting factual information and scripts awaken the desire to read and think along. Contains the following stories: Conni looking for cat Mau, Conni and the school full of animals, Conni and the princess.

Eule Eva Tagebuch 1 – Kinderbücher ab 6 Jahren (Erstleser Mädchen) ( Owl Eva Diary 1 – Children’s books from 6 years (first-time girl)

Reading is fun! Simply formulated texts – short chapters, Each page elaborately illustrated with Popular children’s themes – Animals play the main roles , More self-confidence through reading skills , High-quality hardcover with bookmark , Over 24 million total circulation of the series worldwide (Scholastic-Branches) Eva Flügeltal always has GREAT ideas – like the flower festival! She wants to organize an exhibition, a talent show, a fashion show and a baking contest. Eva finds it hard to ask for help, but this festival is just so much work! Will she still ask her friends if they want to help her?

Baumhausgeschichten (Leserabe mit Mildenberger Silbenmethode) (Treehouse stories (reader hub with Mildenberger syllabic method)

A tree house for a birthday? Of course, and all guests are involved! Three exciting stories to a favorite wish of all children: a tree house!

Zauberhafte Geschichten für Erstleser. Ponys, Feen und Prinzessinnen ( Magical stories for first-time readers. Ponies, fairies and princesses)

Princess Fabiola discovers mysterious traces, the little fairy conjures a bicycle and Marie feverishly awaits the big horse show. Three magical stories in one band!

Children’s books from 7 years

While first-time readers (1st grade) are still primarily concerned with capturing individual letters and words step by step, this process becomes much more fluid for children from the age of 7 – the main focus is shifted to the content of the readings Words and sentences.

Duden Leseprofi – Ferien mit Nessie, 2. Klasse (DUDEN Leseprofi 2. Klasse) Reading pro ─ holidays with Nessie, 2nd class (DUDEN reading professional 2nd class)

Nils is a monster fan – here comes the vacation trip to Scotland as called: Lives there supposedly Nessie, the sea monster. And indeed, Nils also finds the Loch Ness monster – which Nils finally has to rescue from a nasty monster hunter … Reading didactic, the book is perfectly structured: It starts immediately with the main character and the plot – no child wants to use his concentration while reading on page-long landscape descriptions and introductions. But it is also clear: This book is rather not for “single-word speller” thought – reading should work a bit more fluid in this story. The text-to-image ratio is also adapted to young readers who enjoy reading a lot. Our conclusion: An exciting, entertaining and humorous first reading story with a reader puzzle and bookmarks for motivated readers from about 7 years.

Der Drache aus dem blauen Ei (Kinderliteratur) (The dragon from the blue egg (children’s literature)

Anja is not surprised when she discovers the blue egg in the snow. An Easter egg? As it turns out to be more of a dragon egg, actually hatches a small, but real dragon, which is still pretty funny … A really great children’s book, which is perfect for slightly advanced bookworms from about 7 years!

Erstlesegeschichten für Jungs in der 2. Klasse (Leserabe – Sonderausgaben) Erstlesegeschichten for boys in the 2nd class (Leserabe – special editions)

An almost true hero story around Ritter Artur and three thrilling crime thrillers in one band – that’s all it takes to motivate boys to read! Great stories, easy to read and with beautiful and large font – perfect for beginners from about 7 years!

Conni-Erzählbände 32: Conni und die Nacht im Museum (Conni Story Volumes 32: Conni and the Night in the Museum)

How cool is that? Connis Class is planning a very special visit to the museum with an overnight stay in a Stone Age cave, flashlight tour, picnic in the cafeteria and all the trimmings. What an exciting night!

Im Zeichen der Zauberkugel 1: Das Abenteuer beginnt (1)( Under the Sign of the Magic Ball 1: The Adventure Begins (1)

Bibi und Tina – Pferde-Abenteuer am Meer – 2. Klasse ab 7 Jahren (Lesen lernen mit Bibi und Tina)( Bibi and Tina – horse adventure at the sea – 2nd class from 7 years (learning to read with Bibi and Tina)

Immer dieser Michel ( Always this Michel)

Pippi Langstrumpf (farbig) ( Pippi Longstocking (colored)

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