Simple books to learn German: Children’s books the right choice?

Simple books to learn German

Simple books to learn German 2019

One of the best things you can do learning German is reading a book in German. That’s quite a challenge, but once you’ve read the last page, it makes you proud and satisfied. Reading a book in German is a great achievement that will motivate you! And we all know how important motivation is in learning. Now you may be wondering which book you could read. There are plenty of interesting German novels, but are these novels suitable for you, or will they only frustrate you because they are too difficult for you? If you have not studied German for so long, it is certainly not advisable to start with a normal novel.

Are children’s books the right choice?

Some people will recommend you children’s books in German because the sentences are written in simple structures. Well, that’s true, but unfortunately, most children’s books use a vocabulary that is largely useless to you. Of course, that depends a lot on the book, but the trend is clear, because it’s books for kids, not adults. Take a children’s book in your own language and you will see what I mean.

The best solution for you are simple German books with content written for you as a learner of German.
In this article i will show you the best Simple books to learn German 2019:

Children’s and Youth books 2019

Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss bei den Römern (Die Abenteuer des kleinen Drachen Kokosnuss

Mein Lotta-Leben / Mein Lotta-Leben (15). Wer den Wal hat

Mama von Hélène Delforge

Vom Fuchs, der ein Reh sein wollte

Die Schule der magischen Tiere 10: Hin und weg!

Bitte nicht öffnen 3: Durstig! 

Alles, was du brauchst: Die 20 wichtigsten Dinge im Leben

Das kleine Böse Buch

Ein Freund wie kein anderer

Drei Helden für Mathilda Scherz

Ruperts Tagebuch – Zu nett für diese Welt!: Jetzt rede ich! 

Gregs Tagebuch 13 – Eiskalt erwischt!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 außergewöhnliche Frauen

Elena – Ein Leben für Pferde 7: In letzter Sekunde 

Emil und die Detektive 

Animox 5: Der Flug des Adlers

Die Abenteuer des Apollo 3: Das brennende Labyrinth

Land of Stories: Das magische Land 1 – Die Suche nach dem Wunschzauber

Woodwalkers / Woodwalkers (6). Tag der Rache

Die Duftapotheke (2). Das Rätsel der schwarzen Blume 

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