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Reading German children’s book

The best way to put your own german language skills to the test is often reading German children’s book. Here you can quickly see how much you already understand, how far your vocabulary skills are and which grammatical structures still cause you problems. In order to have a sense of achievement right from the beginning, we recommend that you start reading German children’s books.

German Children’s books as an ideal introduction to reading foreign-language literature

For the entry into the literature of a foreign language, children’s books are very good! They are usually not too extensive and are also often written in a simpler language and thus easy to understand even with a small vocabulary! In Germany there is a huge market of children’s books, many new books by young and well-known authors appear every year. But there are also some classics of German children’s literature that have been devoured by generations of children in Germany for many years.

We would like to introduce you to a small selection of well-known German children’s book authors, with the ulterior motive that, hopefully, you will also like these books and read them with a lot of fun.

German children's book

Well-known German children’s book authors

The easiest way to deepen your knowledge of German is to use it practically, for example by speaking to others or by reading German texts. Especially books for children and teenagers promise a high sense of achievement, as they are usually easy to understand and can also be read well with a vocabulary that is currently under construction, if you are beginner then you need to have one of german dictionaries for language learners.

Meet the famous Erich Kästner:

Erich Kästner was a writer of the 20th century, who died in 1974 in Munich. Erich Kästner’s pen is the source of many poems, more than 30 novels, mainly for children. The best known are „Emil und die Detektive“ , „Das doppelte Lottchen“ , „Das fliegende Klassenzimmer“ , “Pünktchen and Anton” or „Die Konferenz der Tiere“ . Of many of his novels, there are also a variety of films from the last few decades.

Do you know the books of Otfried Preußler ?:

The writer Otfried Preußler worked in his stories many legends and fairy tales of his Bohemian homeland. Only in 2013, the author died at the elderly age of 89 years. Otfried Preußler’s children’s books have been translated into 55 languages. So perhaps you already know from your own childhood the stories of “Krabat”, the “little witch”, the “little Aquarius” or the “robber Hotzenplotz”?

Translated into 40 languages ​​- the children’s books by Cornelia Funke:

The German author, who lives in America today, is the author of the well-known Inkherz novels. In addition, she wrote, among other things, the series “The wild chickens” and the novel “Lord of thieves”, who plays in Venice. Cornelia Funke is one of the internationally most successful German children’s book authors, her novels have been translated into nearly 40 languages. There are also international adaptations of her stories.

The Endless Stories of Michael Ende:

The most famous children’s books by Michael Ende are “Momo” and “The Neverending Story”. His narrative “Jim Knopf and” Luke the engine driver “from 1960 became particularly well-known by the performance and film adaptation of the Augsburger Puppenkiste, a well-known marionette theater.

German fairy tales – Gebrüder Grimm:

If you are interested in the German mythical and fairytale world, then dare to take a look at the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm” Gebrüder Grimm
” The two brothers lived around 1800 in Germany and dealt in depth with the German language, literature and grammar. The fairy tale collections of the Brüder Grimm are known all over the world and surely you have heard the fairy tales of “Rotkäppchen”, “Rapunzel”, “Cinderella”, “Frau Holle”,
„Dornröschen“, oder „Hans im Glück“ !

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