How to choose German course books for learning German?

German course books for learning German

German course books for learning German

To say it straight away: An ultimate recommendation for specific German course books “German as a Foreign Language”, or in German ” Deutsch als Fremdsprache ” we would not give at this point. Too different are the personal learning objectives and conditions that must be considered in the selection and evaluation:

  • Plan an evening course, e.g. just 2 lessons per week or will you take an intensive course with 4-6 lessons per day?
  • Or do you learn self-taught? Is your main focus on grammar, do you want a good mix of text work and grammar or do you just want to learn German for the holidays?
  • Do you have a very special topic for which you want to learn German, e.g. Economy, media or tourism?
  • What is your native language? For almost every language, there are special textbooks that take account of the language-specific requirements and learning barriers and also address socio-cultural characteristics of Germany.

Answering these questions will certainly help you to select a suitable textbook or textbook more specifically.

To make your search easier, we would like to give you an overview of the most important publishers and their German course books on “German as a Foreign Language”, or in German ” Deutsch als Fremdsprache “.

In addition, you will find links to direct ordering at Amazon at the end of this page with the textbooks.

Now to the publishers and textbooks in detail (in alphabetical order):

Cornelsen :

Search the offer for “German as a foreign language” best via the catalog function. Under the heading “Adult education you will find exercises and didactic tips for your work with the textbook eurolingua Deutsch.


Hueber Verlag :

One of the most important publishers of “German as a foreign language” has set up its own Internet address for the most popular textbook series “Themen neu“. There are many exercises, links, and additional information. At the language institute TREFFPUNKT we have chosen courses A1, A2, and B1 for the new textbook Delfin, and in the course levels from B2 for the textbook EM.

Reasons that convinced us and above all our students:

  • the modern presentation.
  • the clear structure.
  • the alignment with all 4 learning competencies (speaking, writing, reading, listening).
  • the corresponding audio CDs.




Klett Online :

The complete offer of the Klett-Verlag on “German as a foreign language”. Currently, there are about 500 titles in the program that cover all target groups (children, adolescents, adults, business German). An overview of this can be found in the page DaF Program Focus. The program will be rounded off with offers on German grammar, business German and training packages in preparation for the Goethe exams. Furthermore, the Klett-Verlag offers with the offer of Pons one of the most recognized dictionaries.

Information and links to order can be found on our page German Dictionaries.

Langenscheidt Verlag :

As part of the many publications and services around learning languages ​​Langenscheidt has the following German course books in the program:

for adults:

Moment mal!

Berliner Platz

for teenagers :


for kids:


for the job:

Wirtschaftskommunikation Deutsch

Langenscheidt owes its worldwide high profile especially to its dictionaries with the unmistakable blue writing on a bright yellow cover. Further information on our page German Dictionaries.

German course books recommendations

Important note:

The direct order at is recommended because of the shipping costs only for Europe. If you do not live in Europe, it may be cheaper to order through or

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