Free German eBooks for learning the language

Free German eBooks

Why Free German eBooks for learning the language

Free German eBooks are great for learning language, especially when you’re on the go. Although space is somewhat limited in general, eBooks are great because you do not have much to tow.

As with eLearning, the “e” also stands for the eBook for “electronic”, means an electronic book. In most cases, eBooks are saved in PDF format, which is the file format that you can open with Adobe Reader (there are also alternatives). In special cases, there are other formats. For example, Amazon has developed its own format for their Kindle eBooks . The Kindle is a tablet for eBooks, so to speak.

Depending on which tablet or smartphone you want to read an eBook in PDF format, you may need to download an app. The apps also have the advantage that, for example, you can save your progress.

The benefits of eBooks are something that has barely existed before the internet. For this reason, they are even more widespread today and are increasingly being accepted as teaching aids. Some advantages include Permanent availability online (thanks to mobile internet everywhere). Much cheaper than paper (if not free) books. No waiting (or walk in the bookstore) but immediate download. Easy skimming possible and navigation to the chapters by click.

The storage space for eBooks is vanishingly small. This quickly gives rise to the idea of ​​downloading numerous eBooks. Make sure that reading is not forgotten. Just download a book and read it for it.

Which Free German eBooks should you read?

There are really only two rules here:

  • The text must be in German to learn.
  • The content should really interest you.

Do not make learning the German language ​​complicated and concentrate on reading content that you would enjoy in German as well. It may even make sense to read a Free German eBooks you have already read in your language. Especially if you are still relatively at the beginning of your foreign language skills. So if you like to read crime novels, then look for a corresponding
Free German eBooks. If you want to combine learning languages ​​right away with your job, you can also read specialist literature.

For the entry into the literature of a German language,
German Children’s books are very good! They are usually not too extensive and are also often written in a simpler language

Download Free German eBooks to Learn for Free

​​you can find numerous platforms on the Internet where eBooks can be downloaded for free. we give you the best of it here on our Website german-ebooks and Here are some of other page:

Gutenberg project

 Gutenberg project
Gutenberg project

The Gutenberg project collects eBooks and makes them available for free download. More than 50’000 eBooks are listed in the database of the project. Well over 10’000 are even available in German. The project is non-commercial and is being extended and maintained by volunteers.

To the Gutenberg project



Another project similar to the Gutenberg project is called Wikibooks. You can also find thousands of books here, many of which can also be downloaded as a PDF and then easily consumed on the tablet.

To Wikibooks

More eBook pages As mentioned earlier, there are countless websites where you can download eBooks. A simple Google search for “FREE eBooks YOUR LANGUAGE” will give you countless opportunities.

Some recommended sites are:

Reading is a great way to learn a language. Because as soon as you are familiar with the plot of the book, you can virtually learn new words by itself. This is simply because you will understand many new words related to the sentence. Furthermore, you will be able to remember new words better, as they are always learned in connection with a statement.

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