10 German Stories for Beginners Read and Download free

German Stories for Beginners free

10 German Stories for Beginners Read and Download free 10 German Stories for Beginners Read and Download free: On this page you will find a collection of German Stories for Beginners . Look at a few of them here: Der total gelangweilte Boris Read or download Kishon’s schönste Geschichten für Kinder Read or download Die […]

Simple books to learn German: Children’s books the right choice?

Simple books to learn German

Simple books to learn German 2019 One of the best things you can do learning German is reading a book in German. That’s quite a challenge, but once you’ve read the last page, it makes you proud and satisfied. Reading a book in German is a great achievement that will motivate you! And we all […]

German language learning books :The Cheapest way to learn

German language learning books

German language learning books Many people get intimidated by the prospect of learning German language because of its complexity in sentence structure and pronunciation. Aside from that, choosing the right method of learning can also be quite tricky. If you are not comfortable with the way you learn, you might find it aggravating to learn […]

learn German vocabulary : 2000 Most Common German Words

German vocabulary

knowing German vocabulary is an important part of language learning. The richer your German vocabulary is, the more skilled you become in speaking and writing your German language. Learning German is certainly no exception to this idea. But German vocabulary development and enrichment do not entail merely the memorization of word lists. Since most people […]

How to choose German course books for learning German?

German course books for learning German

German course books for learning German To say it straight away: An ultimate recommendation for specific German course books “German as a Foreign Language”, or in German ” Deutsch als Fremdsprache ” we would not give at this point. Too different are the personal learning objectives and conditions that must be considered in the selection […]

10+ simple German stories and novels to learn German

simple German stories and novels

German stories and novels are simple to learn German Reading German stories and novels is simple for German learners. One of the most important means of learning German, we have talked about the importance of reading German novels and stories. It is one of the best and easiest ways to improve German language comprehension and […]

Why Reading Books in German Will boost your German lang skills

reading books in german

Reading Books in German is an excellent way to improve your speech understanding. Especially if you also pay attention to read aloud and not only for yourself. Because the pronunciation and the fluent speech can be improved. You will also learn new vocabulary and learn some new grammar rules here and there. Importantly, reading Books […]

Free German eBooks for learning the language

Free German eBooks

Why Free German eBooks for learning the language Free German eBooks are great for learning language, especially when you’re on the go. Although space is somewhat limited in general, eBooks are great because you do not have much to tow. As with eLearning, the “e” also stands for the eBook for “electronic”, means an electronic […]

Reading in German:German children’s book authors

Reading German children’s book

The best way to put your own german language skills to the test is often reading German children’s book. Here you can quickly see how much you already understand, how far your vocabulary skills are and which grammatical structures still cause you problems. In order to have a sense of achievement right from the beginning, […]